Who We Are

Spiritual Support for Women

Women of Praize provides spiritual support for women of color in politics as they look to their faith to find purpose and experience fulfillment in their careers. To achieve this goal,  we take an holistic approach to helping our members stay connected to Christ, their inner-selves, and communities; succeed in the workplace; strengthen bonds with family and friends; practice healthy living; and build and maintain wealth.

We sponsor programs and events that educate, inspire, empower, and uplift women of color. Most notably, Matters of the Heart Reception: The Intersection of Faith and Politics from a Woman’s Perspective unites women of color of diverse faiths in the common understanding that there is an intersection between faith and politics and that our faith influences the passionate work that we do in the field of politics and public service.

Fit for Life Minority Women’s Health Roundtable provides women with an opportunity to freely talk about health issues, learn from health experts, and walk away empowered with a practical action plan for healthy living.

Prayer for Our Nation

Each year, we come together for a Unity Prayer for Peace and Civility in the Nation on the U.S. Capitol Lawn. We invite a diverse group of people who believe, as we do, in the strength of our nation and in the value of civil, non-violent public discourse to participate. Our Prayer Circle gives women of color in politics the opportunity to pray, praise, and fellowship with one another on regular basis. In 2020, we released A Compilation of Prayers for Our Nation’s Leaders.

Community Involvement and Volunteerism

We believe in staying connected to the communities we come from and participating in the communities we now live and serve. We work with local schools to mentor young scholars, educate the community about COVID-19, and support families traumatized by violence. Our service area includes Fairfax County, Virginia, Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. 

Voter & Civic Education and Civic Participation

We conduct non-partisan voter education and mobilization. Over the years, we have educated communities on relevant issues, registered hundreds of voters, and provided coordinated transportation to and from polling places for residents, most of whom are elderly and disabled.